RETOLD is never boring!

We are running high speed now, as we only have four months to go until the big conference. Sometimes you wish there were more hours in the day... We just returned from another visit to Museum Village Düppel in Berlin (14-16 May, 2024). Our goal was to test the Retold app "in the wild", or as this exercise is called, do a User Acceptance Test. Several scenarios were staged, for example: "you want to open the app and document a craft activity". Cordula Hansen, XYZ, planned and performed the test, with Julia Heeb, Museum Village Düppel, being the one to not only follow the suggested activity, but also, slow down, and comment on each little step and thought. This was recorded, both by audio and video, for future analysis, taking much battery power and memory. Intimidating? Maybe, but extremely useful. The anticipated report will be shared with the app developers so they can see in detail what happens when their product is used.

Important was that several other RETOLD people were present, most of whom had been at the previous testing in Albersdorf, two months earlier. The good thing about being in Düppel was that with any question, we could go into the museum, look up how things work in practice, and get back into the computer room.

We returned home with lots of data, where we have to decide what are the most important details to improve right away, and where the theory and practice mismatch. Meanwhile, the three museums in Retold are working on digitising their data and structuring it in such a way, it can be used for many years to come.

Photo: The User Acceptance Test in full progress in Düppel, Berlin.