EXARC Journal Digest 2023 published

The 2023 EXARC Journal Digest is in print and we will pack it and send it shortly.

The EXARC Journal Digest 2023 brings chosen abridged articles from the EXARC Journal issues of 2022/4 to 2023/3. There are 15 reviewed and 15 mixed matters articles from 13 countries and as usual the topics vary widely.

Among the experimental and technological articles, there are presentations of research into metalworking, pottery, weaving and others. The articles on education address the question of including experimental archaeology in university education. The open-air museum articles consider the future and sustainability of projects.

Among the most interesting contributions are Sue Heaser’s Anglo-Saxon Beads: Redefining The “Traffic Lights”, addressing the fact that while “Traffic Light” is a useful term to describe the glass beads colour scheme, many were made using different techniques and requiring different skills. Paul Jack provides a report on the results of experimental peat charcoaling attempts based on the ethnographic and historic record. Eva IJsveld outlines her work on reconstructing Ötzi’s shoes. Gaynor Wood’s article presents an experimental project where students from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) researched, built, and fired a tile kiln using evidence from previous experimental archaeology projects at Norton Priory Museum in Cheshire. Naphibahun Lyngdoh talks about the planned open-air museum at Twah Longwar, an abandoned settlement with remnants of over twenty old houses, an ancient market, and a burial site. The museum should play a significant role in safeguarding and maintaining this site's heritage.

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