Help thatching a roof at Celtic Harmony

Winter is coming, please help thatch a roof over our head! Please support this crowdfunder (link below).

The Thatch a Roundhouse Project aims to create a richer learning experience by thatching the latest of five new Iron Age Roundhouses at Celtic Harmony Camp, creating the UK’s biggest Iron Age settlement and enabling an additional 4,000 more children, families and community groups of all abilities to benefit from Celtic Harmony experience each year.

The Project
We have dug deep into the charity’s reserves and our local volunteers with a range of abilities, work placement students, local crafts people and Celtic Harmony team lead by Luca Parrella, Heritage Director, have built five new roundhouses to create a richer learning experience, like stepping into an ancient village.
The five new roundhouses are 6m in diameter, built with chestnut timber, hazel for wattle, daubed with clay, and thatched with reed, using archaeological reports as a guide.
With your help we hope to raise £7,350 to thatch the last round house and become the largest reconstructed Iron Age settlement in the UK, enabling an additional 4,000 children, young people, families and the local community to benefit from the Celtic Harmony Experience!
The houses will be specially decorated and furnished with tools and household goods specifically to represent dwellings from different eras of Prehistory. There will be space for experimental archaeology projects like pottery and bronze casting, all brought to life by our costumed team.

Celtic Harmony's ethos is based on the principle of “I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.” With that in mind, many of the rewards we are offering are an opportunity to come and experience Celtic Harmony Camp and even sleepout in one of the new roundhouses! If you have never been to Celtic Harmony Camp before, we hope you will come and join us. If you are an old friend, thank you for your continued support.

We Need Your Support
Help us make a legacy for future generations to learn ‘hands-on' from the past. We need your help now to make a more sustainable future. Please pledge today and watch as the roundhouse gets thatched!

Please click on the crowdfunder below and support this project.