Summer School: Tool Function in the Past

This course on Use-Wear, Residues and Techno Morphological Analysis of Stone and Ceramic Materials will be in June 2017 and lasts one week.

Director: Prof. Cristina Lemorini, Sapienza, Universita di Roma

The application submission will be published from January March 2017 on the Sapienza website
The summer school is open to all those who attained a MA degree. For information please contact:

The Summer School provides the theoretical and practical framework essential for starting a specialization in the functional analysis of lithic and ceramic artefacts from archaeological contexts. The course offers a wide picture of the archaeological and archaeometric analyses that form the integrated approach allowing to interpret how Tools in the Past were produced and used. The course is organized in classrooms lectures and practical application in laboratory. Through the applicative sessions the student has a first key experience of direct observation with various optical equipment (steromicroscope, metallographic microscope, polarizing microscope, confocal system, SEM) of the technological and use traces and the residues of the material worked with the archaeological tools. Besides, the student has the opportunity to apply spectroscopical techniques for the chemical analysis of residues, and to apply quantitative analyses of the lithic and ceramic surfaces.

Schedule of activities

Unit 1: State of the art and methods of the technological and use traces analyses of stone and ceramic artefacts.

Unit 2: Techno-morpho-functional and use-wear analysis of chipped stone tools and macro-lithic tools: experiments and microscopic observations.

Unit 3: Analysis of the technological and use traces of ceramic artefacts: experiments and microscopic observations.

Unit 4: Residues analysis of stone and ceramic artefacts.

Unit 5: Quantitative analyses of technological and use traces.