Thinktank on EXARCs future

An EXARC Board delegation, including Chair Bill Schindler, Treasurer Claus Detreköy and member Pascale Barnes met in the UK to discuss options for an EU grant for EXARC. Included in the discussion were Linda Hurcombe and staff members Magdalena Zielinska and Roeland Paardekooper. After a unique visit to Stonehenge in the early morning, including a visit to the inner circle and the (re)constructed houses, the delegation visited the Ancient Technology Centre under guidance of Luke Winter. Winter explained how one deals best with health and safety without compromising one’s own ideas.
Following on this we discussed in this small group details of our grant proposal for support for organisations in Europe. Much homework had been done ahead of time so we could dive deep into the application and list creative ideas where these were still needed. The discussion on EXARCs future will continue well in 2016 until we have our AGM in 2017.