Annual General Meeting

We wish you all a happy Holiday Season and a good start of the New Year. Soon we will have our Annual General Meeting, in the shoulder of the experimental archaeology conference in Dublin (EAC9), 16 January 2015, 17:30h – 19:00h. Exact details are published at Normally we would have the year report and such available for you, well in advance. You may understand that as the Old Year is not finished yet, neither are the year reports. We will post them as soon as possible in the members’ only part of the website and will of course also have them in Dublin.

The Dublin Conference is attracting over 100 participants, the program includes 50 lectures & posters as well as workshops, excursions and round table sessions. One particular roundtable session is about possible cooperation projects between EXARC members and will be held in the early evening of the 15th of January. Please let us know if you are interested to attend; if you are unable to attend but are interested, please also let us know.

Please join us in Dublin for the Conference and the Annual General Meeting!