Third online Journal Issue of 2014 published

We just published our EXARC Journal 2014/3. It contains nine articles, of which 5 Mixed Matters and four peer-reviewed manuscripts of which three articles from the 8th UK EA Conference Oxford 2014.

It includes various articles with an international character like two US EXARC members discussing the proof of concept of an Egyptian pulley and a colleague from Canada describing experiments with Iranian pottery decoration.

From 2014 we will publish four online Issues. The last one of 2014 is to be expected by November 15th.

The list below shows the reviewd articles of Issue 2014-3

Experimental Archaeology

Reinventing the Egyptian Pulley
Stephen Blakely and Gregory Blakely (US)

Investigating the Influence of the Kettle Material on Dyeing in the Industry of Pompeii
K. Kania, H. Hopkins, S. Ringenberg

An Experimental Approach to Studying the Technology of Pottery Decoration
Golnaz Hossein Mardi (CA)

Stone Tools of Shetland: Experimental Felsite Project
B. O’Neill, B. Gilhooly and G. Cooney (IE)