EXARC Journal 2014-2 online

May 15th, the second online Issue of this year has been published.
Since 2014 it is EXARC's aim to post four online issues a year.
This issue contains eight articles divided over four sections. Three articles are Mixed Matters, others are reviewed articles. Issue 2014-2 includes among others three articles from the 2013 EXARC meeting at Csiki Pihenökert (HU). In the first week of September 2013 EXARC, together with Csiki Pihenökert, hosted a conference in Hungary. With participants from seven countries we worked on live interpretation, living history and education in archaeological open-air museums and similar places. Our themes were “live interpretation and education: behind the scenes and international stories”.

The list below shows the reviewed articles of Issue 2014-2. 

Experimental Archaeology

To Use or Not to Use a Minoan Chisel? Ancient Technology in a New Light
Maria Lowe Fri (SE)

Ancient Technology

From the Soil to the Iron Product - the Technology of Medieval Iron Smelting
Adam Thiele (HU)


Historical European Martial Arts and Reenactment - Concept, Problems, Approaches in Our Experience
Gábor Fábián (HU)

Archaeological Live Interpretations, Docu-Soaps and Themed Walks: Similarities and Differences
S. Willner, S. Samida, G. Koch (DE)

Interpreting the Interpreter: Is Live Historical Interpretation Theatre at National Museums and Historic Sites Theatre?
Ashlee Beattie (CDN)