Parco Montale celebrating its 10th anniversary with numerous events

Spring 2014, events at the Terramara Park of Montale were dedicated to the 10th birthday were a success. Those attracted 4,300 people raising the total number of visitors since 2004 to 170,000.

September 14, the Park opens the Autumn season with a program of events and demonstrations of ancient techniques which the inhabitants of the terramare were very experienced at, as the archaeological finds prove.

Anything but primitive, the people of the terramare made baskets of willow’s branches, smelted skilfully bronze, weaved linen and wool, worked leather, shaped elaborated pots and produced efficient tools with wood and horn.

Starting from 14th of September and until Sunday 26th of October we demonstrate all these techniques the way those were in use in the Bronze Age. Workshops for children and families are combined at the different demonstrations.

The program of events:

Sunday 14 September  - Basket weaving
Sunday 21 September  - Leather work
Sunday 28 September  - Bronze casting
Sunday 5 October
 - Threads of stories: animated tale with an actress inside the reconstructed dwellings of the Park
Sunday 12 October  - Making pottery
Sunday 19 October  - Wood carving
Sunday 26 October
 - Archaeologist for one day: from the excavation to the reconstruction, through analysis, for children and parents. Experience the digging with mum an dad!