EXARC presents at S.P.A. Smart Puglia Archaeology

S.P.A. Smart Puglia Archaeology is an open project led by Terracunta Association ( in Puglia, Italy, aimed to make smarter use of archaeology within the landscape. They intend to set up an archaeological open-air museum in the National Natural Reserve and Marine Protected Area of Torre Guaceto. For this purpose a series of workshops and lectures took place in June with specialists on subjects including funding, PR, type of activities, authenticity et cetera. The first session in these series was in the hands of Lara Comis, EXARC, with a lecture introducing AOAMs and their core themes and challenges. Other experts later in the series included a.o. Parco Montale (near Modena. EXARC Member) and Archeolink with a practical workshop. Every lecture was broadcasted via streaming and will be available on the site of Regione Puglia,