Cooperation along the Roman Limes

EXARC took part in the 1st Danube Limes Brand Strategy Conference, in Bratislava. The almost 100 participants joined for a three day program which took them from Slovakia via Austria to Hungary and back again, focusing on the Roman Limes along the Danube and the chances to turn this into a tourist brand. Highlights were a visit to the Austrian Roman Park Carnuntum (member of EXARC) as well as a long string of museum visits combined with papers about the progress of cooperation in different countries on the Limes.

EXARC presented an idea to set up cooperation along the Limes, from Scotland all the way to the Black Sea, using the larger archaeological open-air museums and the countryside they are part of as a string of cooperation partners (hubs) for all kind of programs: tourism, education, PR, volunteers or you name it. Bringing the Limes countries together is quite an undertaking, EXARC is happy to help.

Image: Anna J. Adamczyk