Two projects successfully completed

EXARC had two adult learning projects running for two years from August 1st 2010 onward. These projects, Didarchtik & Zeitgeist, were about adult education in archaeological open-air museums. EXARC was the Coordinator of Didarchtik, and took an advisory role in Zeitgeist.
Dozens of people from 14 EXARC members have visited each other extensively, taking a look in each other’s kitchen. The projects have resulted in several smaller and larger products, like a glossary of frequently used terms and several ‘how-to’ explanations. The EXARC Marketplace, too, is a result of these projects. Except for a tiny bit of paperwork with one of the partners, both projects have come to a successful completion.
For EXARC it has become clear that these ‘small’ projects are very effective and easy to handle for our members. Many thanks to all involved and… if you have an idea around which we can bring some members together, let us know!
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