Special Issue - OpenArch EXARC Digest Journal 2015-2 ready

With OpenArch coming to the end, EXARC decided to publish a special issue of Digest - dedicated to OpenArch. We asked the partners to write about their best experiences, summarizing their role in OpenArch and what they learned. In the Digest we published six peer-reviewed articles (divided between AOAM and Interpretation), and five Mixed Matters.

The Digest is 40 pages, printed on A4 size, in full colour. We printed 1000 copies; the Digest will be sent to all EXARC members (250), and each OpenArch partner will receive also 50 copies to distribute. We will also make the PDF web-quality available for partners to share.

We also disseminated this issue between the 200 members of VAEE (Dutch association for Experimental Archaeology & Education).