CRAFTER Movie screened at Film Galas

The documentary "In Their Hands. Reshaping pottery of the European Bronze Age" was screened at the CRAFTER exhibitions in Spain, Germany, Serbia & Hungary. “In Their Hands” is a four-chapter documentary related with the CRAFTER EU Project.

The first chapter, directed by Marcello Péres and Nicola Tagliabue (Heracles Archeology) has a duration of 7:25 minutes, and focuses on the argaric pottery context. It has been shot in various places around the Regional Park of Sierra Espuña (Murcia, Spain), including the archaeological site of La Bastida. On the one hand, it seeks to capture the complete chain of work involved in the highly specialized production of argaric vessels, modeled by the potter Pedro Navarro Díaz, from the search for the raw material (clays and degreasers), until the cooking process in an open combustion pit. On the other hand, it tries to set this experience of a 21st century group of people in landscapes that, apparently, would not differ much from what the locals would see in the Bronze Age.

The second chapter, directed by Thomas Claus and produced by Bettina Stoll-Tucker, was shot in Halle (Germany). It is the most intimate of all, as it is entirely filmed using close-ups. For 6:42 minutes, it shows the subtle delicacy of the Unĕtice ceramic production through the hands of the experienced potter Beatrix Weißflog. 

The third chapter, directed and produced by Csaba Balogh, in Hungary, is accompanied by a faint background melody and brings us, for 7:36 minutes, close to the world of ceramics produced by the Füzesabony / Otomani society. This time is the potter László Gucsi who performs a masterful work of reproduction of these ceramics, characterized by a diverse decorative repertoire of geometric themes, intertwined spirals, grooves, incisions, etc. which he does with the same instruments and elements that were also used by the potters of the past. 

Finally, it is Vladan Caricic Tzar who is responsible for directing and producing the fourth and final chapter in the lands of Serbia, focusing, for 7:27 minutes, on the work of recreation of the vatin pottery. The potter is Dejan Jovanovic, and the scenes are accompanied with traditional music of the territory.

We present you a film trailer, shot at the La Bastida (Spain), which demonstrates this millenary tradition of handicrafts. 

The documentary was screened at the University Autonoma of Barcelona (UAB) Cinema Hall on 13 November with a conference given by Marcello Peres and Carlos Velasco. The documentary was selected, participated and competed at the 19th edition of the International Archaeological Film Festival of Bidasoa (FICAB) in November, 2020, at the Amaia Cultural Center in Irún (Spain). The regional newspaper ‘‘Diario Vasco’‘ dedicated a whole page article to the documentary on the occasion of its participation in the FICAB. There, Prof. Roberto Risch was interviewed and also the contents and purposes of the CRAFTER Project were mentioned. The audience was enthusiastic, applauding the film and showing their appreciations personally to Peres and Velasco after the screening. 

The documentary will be presented in the official selection of the following festivals:

  • Rassegna Internazionale del Cinema Archeologico di Rovereto, Rovereto (September 30th 2020, Italy)
  • Rassegna del Documentario e della Comunicazione Archeologica di Licodia Eubea (October 15th 2020, Sicily-Italy)   
  • 6th International Archaeology Film Festival, Split (November 2020, Croatia)
  • Archäomediale Cinarchea Internationales Archäologie Film Festival, Brandenburg (November 2020, Germany)
  • Firenze Archeofilm, Florence (postponed to March 2021, Italy)

The presentation of the documentary is opting for its selection for the following festivals:

  • Rencontres d'Archeologie de la Narbonnaise (November 2020, France)
  • International Festival du Film d'Archeologie Nyon (March 2021, France)
  • TAC International Film Festival (March 2021, Oregon-USA)