2012 Zeitgeist Manual - Adult Education in AOAMs

Size: A4, 17 pages

In an average archaeological open-air museum, there is a lot to do and see for children, either when coming as a tourist or with a school group. Does this mean that archaeology and knowledge about the past are for children only? Surely not. Adult education in open-air museums is still not very common. Grown-ups can join a guided tour or witness a demonstration of an ancient craft but museums lack the ideas of what else is possible. This reader presents ideas about adult education in archaeological open-air museums and best practices as seen in museums throughout Europe. We want to inspire and give ideas, so visitors of all ages can have a satisfying and meaningful day out in our beautiful museums. See attachment for the complete 17 pages PDF.

EXARC likes to thank all organisations and individuals involved in making Zeitgeist work. It has truly been part of lifelong learning to all of us.