2015 The Dialogue with the Museum Community

Size: A4, 44 pages

Archaeological Open-Air Museums and the dialogue with the museum community

The main output of Work Package 6 in the OpenArch project is a publication which aims to be helpful for all Archaeological Open-Air Museums across Europe in a very specific subject: the links of the Archaeological Open-Air Museums with the museum world. Many Archaeological Open-Air Museums are already working together with national museums or museum organisations (like ICOM). However, within the Archaeological Open-Air Museums category, there are many realities.

In this booklet, we encourage to foster dialogue between Traditional Museums, Museum Organisations and Archaeological Open-Air Museums as a way to strengthen links with each other and try to improve the communication with our public.

The core of this booklet are the contributions delivered by specialists across Europe who know the museum world well. One can also find the experiences of the OpenArch project partners about networking with museums and other issues, such as examples of best practices.

150 copies were be printed in A4 size, full color 135 gr paper and will have 44 pages. The booklet is also available as PDF (see attachment).