Help need to build 5 new roundhouses

Celtic Harmony will be building 5 roundhouses this winter, anyone wants to help?

Celtic Harmony offers a unique learning space with Iron Age roundhouses, native breeds, herb garden and working woodland for school children, community groups and families to learn about ancient Britain.

The changes in the National Curriculum to include the topic ‘Changes from Stone Age to Iron Age in Britain’, have created a need for school groups and consequently the general public to gain a deeper understanding of how primitive technologies evolved to enable our ancestors to adapt and work with the natural environment.

The five proposed roundhouse exhibition structures, are 6m diameter and built from archaeological reports and made from wattle and daub and thatch, using experimental archaeology to recreate a ‘mock-up’ of how dwellings were inhabited in prehistory. The structures will also be used for craft displays such as metal work and pottery.

The Prehistory Centre will showcase artefacts in the context of an authentic style building where a costumed team will welcome visitors and will be the base for experiential learning in the existing outdoor Iron Age and proposed Bronze and Iron Age reconstructed roundhouses.

An Archaeological Open-Air Museum provides an activity based way of learning about our ancient heritage, based on authentically reconstructed dwellings, the additional roundhouses will enable Celtic Harmony Camp to provide a richer learning experience like stepping into an ancient village.

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