Food and cooking in the Bronze age

News from EXARC's long time member in Ledro, Italy, Museo delle Palafitte del Lago di Ledro.

One of their educators, Manuela Pernter, is graduating at Trento university, under the supervision of professor Annaluisa Pedrotti.
The matter of her work is food and cooking in the Bronze age.
At the Ledro museum there are many artefacts linked with this theme: bread, remains of cooked food in the bottom of pots, cereals and wild fruits. They will have the food remains analyzed and to look for the presence of milk proteins.

The Museum in Ledro would like to arrange experimental archaeology workshops in order to verify the data and the achieved knowledge.
Ledro requests other archaeological oepn-air museums and museum colleagues who worked with food and cooking through experimental archaeology to contact them about their experiences and possible literature.
Of course, the colleagues who can help will be mentioned as thesis co-operators.

Please contact Romana Scandolari at: