All aboard the Roman ship!

Most traces of the Roman history of the Netherlands have since disappeared. In Archeon (Alphen aan den Rijn) the past has been reconstructed and it is once again possible to experience the Roman period. On a daily basis thousands of children experience and learn this vital part of our history by interacting with life-size reconstructions. A very important and unique reconstruction, a Roman ship called the Zwammerdam 6, urgently needs restoration.
Over forty years ago six famous Roman galley-freighters were excavated in Zwammerdam, formerly known as Nigrum Pullum. From that day forward these types of ships internationally carry the name “Zwammerdam”. Research into these ships uncovered new theories about life along the Limes, the Roman border, and the way our region was utilized in the Roman Period. These ships now play a vital part in the on-going nomination of the Germanic Limes region for the UNESCO World heritage list, because of the key role they played in the past, but also because these ships currently are our unique selling point! They represent the Roman Period in the Netherlands.
The authentic remains of the ships have been preserved, but are currently not on display. Therefore, the story of our Roman past is told using the reconstruction on display in Archeon. Visitors can not only see it, but climb on top of it for a full experience. This reconstruction was made over twenty years ago, but constant use, time and the weather have left the ship damaged.
To save the ship from further erosion and ensure that future generations will also be able to learn about this important aspect of our history, Archeon has initiated a crowdfunding campaign.
From May 10th up till June 10th the campaign will run to gather €35.000,- to preserve, restore and visually improve the reconstruction of the Roman ship.

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