EXARC’s Bill Schindler starring in National Geographic Series

CHESTERTOWN – MD As co-star of “The Great Human Race,” a National Geographic Channel series being filmed around the globe, anthropology professor and Vice Chair of EXARC Bill Schindler will recreate the living conditions of our earliest ancestors. Set to air in 2016, the show will retrace the migratory route of our ancestors from the roots of humanity in Africa to the “New World” of North America.

Schindler’s “co-star” will be Cat Bigney, a bushcraft and primitive skills expert who teaches at the Boulder Outdoor Survival School in Colorado. Each episode will drop the two into a time and place from our evolutionary past. Their only means of survival will be the period-correct tools available to our ancestors, and they will have to overcome some of the same threatening environments of each era, from the humid jungles of Kenya and dry deserts of Egypt to the icy mountains of Ethiopia and snow-covered tundra of Alaska.