Fundraising for EXARC!

Five years ago, EXARC had about 80 members. With help of OpenArch we renewed our websites, Journal and social media early 2012 and see, by now we count 250 members in 30 countries! All well, but we think EXARC can improve. For this we started a fundeaising. There are nice gifts for our supporters!

Please fund us through

EXARC calls on our members and supporters to help reinvent EXARC. We want to make a complete new online presence because we feel much of EXARCs networking is happening online, on the website, in social media. For this EXARC needs money. We have always kept our membership fees low so we cannot pay this 100% from our own pocket. We have great ideas for our website for example making the members’ profiles much larger and more interactive, including the individual profiles. We intend to improve the search options on members and letting people edit their own profiles. We also want to redesign the journal part – emphasize on what we are good at. Technically we need to make the website up to date with the latest software, working well on all devices including tablets and smart phones. The website will be more open access than ever!