ICOM Milan - preparation meeting

In preparation for the ICOM triannual meeting in Milan, 2016, representatives of EXARC met with colleagues from ICOM the Netherlands. The general theme of the meeting in Milan (where over 1,500 museum professionals are expected from all over the world) is: "museums and cultural landscapes".
The plan is to organise a session in Milan about the Roman Limes on the Lower Rhine, visibility of a European border in landscape and museums. This session, as we discussed in the preparation meeting, is not just about showcasing best practice examples, but also to understand what we can learn form other regions, both within Europe (for example at Hadrians Wall in the UK) and from abroad, like the Great Wall in China. The Roman border in the Low Countries is pretty invisible.
How should museums cooperate with other museums and, more important, with other stakeholders like tourism organisations? We should not reinvent the wheel or make all beginner's mistakes... EXARC and ICOM the Netherlands aim on including more ICOM related organisations into this session.