Eindhoven museum is adding a 'new' era ...

At Eindhoven Museum you experience the history from the beginning to E(i)ndhoven. At the moment however the story starts about 30,000 years too late. The history in the heritage park starts at the Iron age (about 2500 years ago), while there is evidence that there were already people in the Kempen about 35,000 years ago. To relive the history as complete as possible, Eindhoven Museum is adding a new era to their grounds, the Stone age. They will expand the grounds of the museum with an encampment of hunters and collectors from the Mesolithic (approx. 5500 j. v. CHR.). They didn't just want to put some shacks there but they want you to feel like you are actually in the Stone age!

The people in this part of the museum are dressed according to the fashion of 6000 years ago, there are all kinds of tools made from bones, they still use flint and leather and there are activities which you can join. They could use a little help with building this and therefore they have started a crowdfunding project. There are several amounts you can donate and they have something nice for you in return. An explanation about the donations and what you will get in return:

€10,- = a personal thank and you will get an official invitation to the opening on May 2nd.
€25,- = a personal thank you, an official invitation to the opening on May 2nd and for another visit during the new season you will get the second entrance ticket for free.
€50,- = a personal thank you, besides you can bring a guest to the official opening and you get a very special memento!
€100,- = a personal thank you, you will also get a sneak preview before the official opening and you are very welcome to stay during the official opening too!
€500,- = you will get a VIP treatment for yourself and 10 guests of your choice. This implies that you and your guests will get a tour and an official invitation to the opening. Also your name either with or without your personal logo will be mentioned on their website.
€1000,- = you and 20 of your guests will get a VIP treatment with a tour and a workshop, during this day you will be treated on free coffee and cake. Also your name will be mentioned with or without a logo in the ‘Tijdskist’ (time box) and on their website. You will also get an official invitation to the opening on May 2nd.

If you would like to donate you can do so here. The website is in Dutch but the donating buttons speak for itself.

by Ilse van der Palen Local Life Eindhoven, first published at: