Stone Age Farmer Basti is hungry

Short bits of film, especially vlogging, is increasingly popular. Open-air museums can use this very well to engage their audience, but it works just as well for experimental archaeologists and other people who reconstruct items or do living history. In our European cooperation project RETOLD, vlogging has a special place for documenting and sharing stories of our museums.

Steinzeitbauer Basti hat Hunger – Stone Age Farmer Basti is hungry

The Steinzeit Park Dithmarschen (Germany), one of the partners in the RETOLD project, creates little videos about life in the Stone Age. This particular one is about the farmer Basti who is working in an antechamber of one of the houses when he realises, he’s hungry. He starts making flour by crushing grain seeds between two stones. To keep his hunger at bay, Basti adds the crushed grains to a bowl of water and stirs until the consistency of his porridge is just right.
The video itself is in German but has English subtitles

Next to this longer video the Steinzeit Park Dithmarschen was also creating small videos about daily things, those can be viewed at their YouTube channel.

Are you interested in vlogging yourself? EXARC is very happy to share your short videos on our YouTube channel. It is a perfect way to reach many people and share your stories!