What a Blast

The #EAC12 Experimental Archaeology Conference 2021 has just come to an end. EXARC celebrated an online feast of over 167 presentations from all over the world, published open access on #EXARC Youtube Channel, with a lot of interaction with participants from around the world in our Discord server with its 1,200 members.

We broadcasted over four days, and had 30,000 views (till April 1st). We had close to 1,900 conference registrations from over 72 countries. It is impossible to estimate how many people we reached and will still reach in the future. The video presentations remain online for all those who like to watch back.


In the concluding words for the conference, Linda Hurcombe says: “EXARC has really set a new idea of what you can do. And it's not one that I've seen done in any field, let alone in our archaeological field. I don't know where else this has happened, and I just commend them for having the vision to do it this way.

EXARC thanks its volunteer team, our authors and participants, and also our sponsors, members and finally our Board, for this great networking event in such a good atmosphere.

We would like to express our gratitude for your willingness to take part at our conference as a speaker. Your contribution took a significant part in our event #EAC12. We believe that the knowledge you’ve shared will help and develop #Archaeology and #Experimental Archaeology in the World. We look forward to your participant in our next event.

We are so glad that you have participated at #EAC12. Thank you for supporting our event by attending and contributing. We hope you enjoy the experience and receive a beneficial knowledge and information. If you missed out sessions we had, please watch later on #EXARC Youtube Channel. Kindly share your feedback to help us create a better conference in the future. Looking forward to meeting you in the next occasion!


Keynote Closing Address for EAC12: The Worldwide State of Experimental Archaeology and the Agenda for the Future

Linda Hurcombe and Peter Inker gave the closing talk at EAC12 amazing conference. They did it in the same way as at the conference: Peter was online in the United States and Linda was online in the United Kingdom. The conversations between the two of them have been running throughout the live conference... Read more