EXARC has a new Office Manager

We are happy to have found a new office manager for EXARC! Stefanie Ulrich was our favourite from almost 40 candidates. She pairs an archaeological background with a broad international experience in cultural heritage, helping us tell the stories our members find important, and supporting the open and friendly network EXARC is. Stefanie will be working in our office, coordinating our large volunteer base, and so much more. The EXARC Board, and also the EXARC Secretariat and director, look forward to cooperating with her. 

It is maybe better to let our new office manager say things in her own words:

"My name is Stefanie, I am originally from Germany, but I lived in the UK for the last six years. I will be moving to the Netherlands in the autumn with my husband and my two dogs. I am currently enrolled at Birkbeck College, University of London as a PhD student and my thesis looks into memory sanctions of Roman emperors in the third century AD.

I love anything ancient Roman, so the option of exploring past lives and lifestyles with the help of EXARC is one of the reasons I’m looking forward to working for the organisation. My archaeological and historic interest is not limited to the Romans but expands from the Tudors via the Georgians to Europe in the 19th century. What EXARC, its members, its board and I have in common is the fascination for the various fields within experimental archaeology and how they open doors into the past for everyone interested.

My academic background is in (theoretical) Classical archaeology but the thought of putting the theory to life first sparked my interest in experimental archaeology in general and EXARC in particular. Another reason why I cannot wait to work for the organisation is the option of collaborating and finding like-minded people. From academics to blacksmiths, there are all kinds of interesting members who share the same passion for the past and bring its secrets back into our time, letting everyone in on how to explore different time periods. The sense of community and love for archaeology and history is the main reason I want to be part of EXARC."