EXARC Director moves to Denmark

One of the long time members of EXARC is the Medieval Centre in Denmark, south of Copenhagen. Their founder and director is Peter Vemming. He has also been an EXARC Board member a while ago. Vemming now retires and in search for a new director, the Medieval Centre found Roeland Paardekooper of EXARC.

Paardekooper has a long history with archaeological open-air museums, and is experienced in working in several countries.
Roeland will divest part of his tasks in EXARC, but will continue to be the overall lead and thus, EXARC and the Medieval Center will cooperate closely together. Paardekooper’s partner, Magdalena Zielinska, will keep working for EXARC, although she too will move to Denmark. The large team of EXARC volunteers is the network which keeps EXARC going and successful, and we are happy we built that group up over recent years.
The Medieval Centre will be better linked in the EXARC network, but vice versa, we expect that EXARC itself will benefit as well from a close connection to the daily activities in an archaeological open-air museum.

Magdalena and Roeland will move to Denmark shortly after the #EAC12 conference.