Project meeting in the Dutch Biesbosch

Craft and subsistence in the Late Stone Age is the theme of a four-year project under coordination of Leiden University.

EXARC is among one of the ten other partners. In September, we had the chance to finally meet each other in person, and for this purpose we went to Biesbosch National Park. This is one of the only freshwater tidal wetlands in Northwestern Europe. 

We spent two days discussing the research of the project, as well as how to include colleagues, how to manage discussions about how Late Stone Age houses may have looked like and how they were used. The project team is wonderful, with many researchers as well as a down to earth approach on how things may have been in the past, and how we can share the expected new insights with the rest of the world. 

Thanks for a great field trip! 

This project is funded by the Dutch Research Council NWO (AIB.19.020).