EXARC Journal 2021/02 published

EXARC Journal 2021/2 contains 19 articles on a wide range of subjects.
The Archaeological Experiments on Reconstruction of the ‘Compound Bow’ of the Sintasha Bronze Age Culture from the Stepnoe Cemetery presents the joint work of a Russian archaeologist Ivan Semyan and his Greek colleague Spyros Bakas. The two archaeologists won a research “Twinning program” grant from EXARC and began to develop a completely authentic reconstruction of a Sintashta type bow. 
Merryn Dineley’s (UK) article considers how malt sugars are made and discusses a range of ‘mashing in’ techniques from a practical, technical, and scientific point of view. Vincent van Vilsteren (NL) has studied the hypothesis that the damage to bronze cauldrons of the 16th to 17th centuries was done deliberately. Further there are articles on spinning, fresco mixtures, production stages in the engraving of a Roman gem of carnelian, the position of weaving in prehistoric British society, smelting experiments from Cyprus and research into Punic Amphorae. 

There is number of book reviews, such as ‘Reconstruction, Replication, and Re-enactment in the Humanities and Social Sciences’ by Dupré, Harris, Kursell, Lulof and Stols-Witlox, or ‘Weaving a Realm’, a book on Vietnamese clothing from about 1500. You can also find interview with Pascal Ratier, Coordinator of the European Archaeology Days and an article on Lofotr Viking Museum celebrating its 25th anniversary.