"A Year On The Field" project

Join us for our "A Year On The Field" project and become part of a unique, global study with friends and colleagues from many areas of interest!

Our main questions for the project:

1. How is wheat grown in different regions of the world and how have the cultivation methods changed over the centuries?

2. What varieties were (and are) cultivated, and what wheat products do we know of?

The pilot phase will initially run for a year, to begin in autumn 2021. You will plant and cultivate as normal. You need only create regular documentation, which will take less than an hour per week, and submit to the project. 


We are looking for:

  • Farmers
  • Museums
  • Living history farms
  • Archaeological open-air museums

who document all steps of wheat cultivation and processing with us for a year on site

We are also looking for:

  • Scientists
  • Collection staff
  • Bakers

who want to provide us with insights into individual aspects of wheat cultivation, varieties and final wheat products through the centuries

Our goals (and passion):

  • to enable a global exchange on the historical methods of cultivation and harvest, regional and era differences, of wheat 
  • current importance of wheat in current culture or historical recipes
  • to promote regional, national, and international networking of museums, research and producers
  • to create an increased public attention for sustainable cultivation methods through intensive reporting in word, image and film
  • to strengthen the importance of museums in public discourse and agriculture

Incorporate this project in your daily routines, include school projects, students and volunteers to split the work load and to intensify public engagement.


Would you like to participate?
Then get in touch as soon as possible at: