EXARC Journal 2021/1

This first Journal of 2021 consists of 19 articles. Subjects covered are Roman minting and Roman horse saddles but also discussions on documentation of houses in archaeological open-air museums as well as standardized reporting of experimental iron smelting. A different discussion is about the Concept of Authenticity in Collections of Open-Air Museums. From further afield are our articles from Russia (The Process of Making Schist Axes of Paja Ul Deˀŋ) and China (The Woven Belts of the Lao Han People, China).

From Butser, we have articles on weaving and moving looms outside of their roundhouses. Is that feasible? Or useful? Another contribution from the UK is about an Iron Age whistle from Scotland and its reconstruction. You can hear what it sounds like. From York we present you an article on Stone Age fire making. And: can one cast French copper axes in sand? The final reviewed paper discusses ethnographic information on throwing sticks and boomerangs.

In our book reviews, we discuss beer brewing, making beads in Viking Age Ribe (Denmark), but also pottery from Italy and how to tell stories in an open-air museum. Finally, our conference reviews tell you about how experimental archaeology is thriving in Norway and the results of our Potter's Wheel conference.