A New Stone Age House in Germany

It will be constructed at the Dithmarschen Stone Age Park (EXARC Member). With the last OK in place, all 4.4 million EUR are in place to sign of a remarkable project in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. The Stone Age Park in Dithmarschen will get its own “Stone Age House”, a modern museum exhibition building and great asset to the 40-hectare stone age park at Albersdorf. 

The “Stone Age House” is planned as a place of experience and learning, as a place of presentation for current research results and also as an active scientific facility. However, the facility would also like to continue to develop as an attractive leisure offer for locals, visitors and tourists. The architecture of the Stone Age House will make visitors curious and empasise the uniqueness of the place. The building design by the architect Hauke Mengel (architects Hansen & Mengel, Rendsburg) was selected in a Europe-wide competition.

The exhibition to be opened for the 2023 season shows the overarching theme of “people and the environment” and presents these mutual relationships in chronological order in their contexts and processes from the Paleolithic to the early Metal Age ), the exhibition shows people with their societies determined and shaped by the environment, their working world and the interventions and changes in the natural environment - a particular focus here is on the respective innovations of the individual epochs. It should be emphasized that the original finds and objects should be in the foreground in the exhibition, as corresponding replicas and didactic facilities are already available in the outdoor area of the Stone Age Park. Modern technology and digital media should only be used in appropriate places in the exhibition.

The groundbreaking ceremony will take place in April 2021, and the opening is planned for spring 2023.

Further information and a current “construction site report” can be found at

Illustrations: Drawings "Stone Age House - Exhibition Inside", "Stone Age House - Foyer" and "Stone Age House - Terrace", source: Hansen Mengel Architects, Rendsburg.