RETOLD Visibility

From the beginning of the year 2021, EXARC has been working on creating a clear style for the RETOLD project: the products and communication. So far we have a logo, approved by all partners, and basic styles to use on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). These are media EXARC is very present on and will share progress with. First we are going to present our partners and the project itself, later more products will be designed. You will see that our collaboration exists out of museums (archaeological and open-air), a University, a Digital Media Studio and EXARC itself.

At the same time we summarised the goals and methods of of the project and made a clear overview over the expected deliverables and actions. This and the overview of the partners can be viewed at our webpage We hope to reach more museums to works with us, as the goal of our project: Documentation | Digitisation | Sharing  is a basis for each museum.