Ukraine and Historical Ships: a First Meeting

As part of the #SUN initiative (Support Ukraine Network) we are creating a network of Ukrainian historical and cultural reserves, archaeologists, representatives of traditional crafts, reconstructors and at the same time joining it to the global network. Goal: information support, exchange of experience, generating joint projects, preservation of cultural heritage. As part of the project, there was an online meeting about ship building.

It is very inspiring to see the websites, Facebook and Instagram profiles of the various museums and centres and to see how much they still accomplish, despite the difficult circumstances of the war. It was really interesting to see what kinds of boats/projects people are working with, both archaeological finds and reconstructions. There are quite a few Ukraine sites that work with the same kind of subject matter and approach that people in other parts of Europe do.

The most important thing was that we should ‘meet’ each other and make a start with establishing this network. In that regard, the meeting was a great success as there are already several areas of common ground between the various institutions, both within Ukraine and between Ukraine and foreign parties.  

Already this autumn, we are planning a scientific and practical conference with the participation of new friends. We are currently gathering information about the carriers of the tradition of manufacturing floating equipment, tools, and material processing in Ukraine. This information is important to preserve the tradition, and is also valuable to colleagues both in Ukraine and beyond, because Ukraine cultural heritage is an integral but little-known part of the world. We have a lot to talk about, and even more about what and who to be proud of.