Director’s Meeting, Ukraine and Abroad

On the Saturday before Midsummer, a first online meeting was held between directors of open-air museums and archaeological reserves in Ukraine and abroad. Three Ukrainian organisations were represented as well as three foreign ones.

This meeting was part of the #SUN initiative. We discussed current management topics and challenges all museums face institutions at the various stages of creation. We plan to continue with these meetings, including more directors.

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Topics included:

  • Engaging volunteers and students in archaeological expeditions and institution development.
  • Saving monuments from the activities of "black" archaeologists (Lithuanian experience of setting up cooperation between the institution and treasure hunters).
  • Engaging relevant crafts professionals rather than mainstream construction companies in historic building projects.
  • The challenge of the large territory some organisations have to manage.
  • The influence of the war on the preservation of cultural heritage in Ukraine, the state of reserves in the occupied territories, in the front zone and the consequences of the disaster at the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant.

This discussion between Ukraine, the Netherlands, Denmark, the UK, Latvia, and Lithuania was welcomed, and it was good to put a face on the different museums. The exchange of experience will come in handy with institutions that start to realise their projects. The exchange of experience and knowledge can be a support to Ukrainian society and the professional community.