Strengthening ties with NEMO

EXARC is a member of the Network of European Museum Organisations, NEMO. We attended their annual meeting, which was in Portugal last year, and have a seat in their Digitisation workgroup.

Mid-June, EXARC vice chair Dr Julia Heeb, met with Julia Pagel, the secretary general of NEMO. We discussed the European Cultural Cloud, which is only just emerging. This comes a bit too early for EXARC’s current RETOLD project, but we keep an eye open as we want to have a platform where all museums can store their data safely.

The NEMO Sustainability workgroup is the newest and largest of all. EXARC may be interested in joining this too, and we will of course join the conference in Finland later this year, where the main theme will be sustainability. In 2024 we also plan to be present, as the NEMO conference will take place at the ASTRA Museum in Sibiu, Romania, one of the active partners in RETOLD.  

Berlin is a good city to meet, and we are happy to have common ground there, as it is the city where NEMO is located as well as the Stadtmuseum Berlin where dr. Heeb is working for.