#EAC13: Support our special guests from Ukraine

EXARCs largest event of the year will be in Poland in May: the #EAC13 international conference on experimental archaeology.

And we will have some very special guests! A delegation from Ukraine will join us for a live dialogue on how to strengthen the experimental archaeology cooperation between Ukraine and the rest of the world. Keeping culture alive, and keeping the network going is essential. Please support the network we build up with Ukraine colleagues. 

Can you help us cover the costs for the Ukraine delegation to take part in the #EAC13 Conference? Total costs are around 1,250 EUR to make the maximum out of their stay. This covers transport, accommodation, broadcasting of their session to the whole world and everything else. A donation is much welcomed, Our Paypal is open. EXARC is a registered charity and therefore any transactions are under strict control of our accountant. 

The SUN (Support Ukraine Network) is an initiative of EXARC, the YEAR Centre (York Experimental Archaeological Research, UK) and Ukraine based ancient craft expert and EXARC member Yarema Ivantsiv. 

Please pay to