Sharing RETOLD Goals with our Visitors, step 2

Over the past three weeks EXARC worked with the three RETOLD museums partners to develop the banners for the second stage of the exhibition, each of the partners is holding at their premises. In 2022 we developed banners which explained the project goals and the partners.

In 2023 it was time to start working on (one of the) the topics, which is Documenting Houses. Each partner selected one house that they either built based on an excavation (archaeological open-air museums) or moved from a different location to preserve (historical open-air museum / skansen). The banners have been prepared in English, but can be translated to a local language if requested.


Following five simple questions, we made the storyboard for each house:

  1. what is it based on / where does it comes from and what is it?
  2. reconstruction / rebuilding
  3. (possible) plan of the house
  4. final product
  5. some special details

The banners are 100 x 200 cm and will soon be found at the ASTRA Museum in Sibiu, Romania, the Steinzeitpark Dithmarschen and Musuemsdorf Düppel, both in Germany.