Sharing RETOLD Goals with our Visitors

One of the products of the RETOLD project is a small presentation / exhibition at our three museum partners, explaining the project and what we want to achieve. In October 2021 we decided to make it in three steps, adding each year another chapter. The exhibitions will consist of banners 100 x 200 cm, in both English and local language.

In the first step we produced general banners introducing the partners and the RETOLD project. By March 2022, two banners per partner were made.

In the second step we will make banners about house documentation, where we present the process from start till end. Those banners will have examples from our three museums, again in both English and the local language. These are due in March 2023.

In the third stage we will present the documentation of crafts. Again we will introduce three crafts from the three museums where we will try to explain as best as possible the history and new aspects to those crafts. Those are due in March 2024. 

Each partner will then have an exhibition with a whole lot of interesting banners.