RETOLD: Meeting in the true north of Germany

It has been a busy year for the RETOLD project. We work with documenting, digitising and sharing stories of open-air museums. After having met in the ASTRA museum in Sibiu, Romania, in spring 2023, and in Museumsdorf Düppel in Berlin, Germany, in summer, we met in Steinzeitpark Dithmarschen, Germany in early autumn. 

But there is much to be done. The six RETOLD partners met in the true north of Germany to discuss progress of our tool which should be launched in only one year. As digital storytelling is much about communication, we used the occasion to produce a lot of images and videos as well as 3D models. It was great to be in the Stone Age Park.

Finally, we also discussed with other museum professionals about documentation standards, so we can present the information we collect with our tool also in other platforms, like Europeana. More to come!