WANTED: Museums as Guinea Pigs

EXARC is looking for a few open-air museums willing to test our new app in the coming weeks. The app is to document buildings: you mostly use photos and a sequence of questions for the initial setting up of a house, which then is followed by for example notes on maintenance. In the end, this app is meant to manage a digital documentation of the stories of both archaeological open-air museums and historical, skansen-type, open-air museums. 

This app is part of the RETOLD project where we collect both the stories of buildings and artefacts, as well as of crafts and other activities. This information can be shared either within the museum organisation, with colleagues or with the public. 

Your feedback is very welcome: if we know more of how this works in practice, it will become much more useful to all open-air museums. 

If you like to join the test, we will inform you of the procedure over an online meeting. You then perform a test (no additional equipment is required) and we discuss your feedback. The three steps do not take more than a couple of hours and ideally need to be performed before the end of August. 

Interested? Please contact EXARC at