A Hall for a King; a Meeting for All

After four years, the Danish network of archaeological open-air museums had their large convention again in January 2023 (31 January - 3 February). Theme was therefore “hierarchy and status” and was partly meant to celebrate Sagnlandet Lejre’s new King’s Hall.

In six presentations, the 54 participants from 18 sites across Denmark got fully informed about all aspects: the organisation behind the construction, the archaeological and historical sources, its status back in the days, the new clothes and pottery, and finally, historical-archaeological interpretation in first and third person. We also were treated on a very extensive tour through Lejre, where all doors opened, and we could ask everything.

But there were also non-Lejre presentations: about the national school service for example, or how to get and keep a strong group of volunteers. Somebody else presented about how to combine STEAM fields (science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics) with our kind of work and there were some problems with modern building regulations when rebuilding an Iron Age type house in Jutland. This large convention is a must for anybody working in Denmark in archaeological open-air museums.