90,000 EUR for European Experimental Archaeology

The year 2018 will be the European year for cultural heritage. Germany offered special funds to make this a memorable year. The Lake Dwelling Museum (Pfahlbaumuseum) in Unteruhldingen, one of EXARCs founding members, is between the 34 German projects which receive 90,000 EUR funding from the so called “Bundesförderprogramm für national bedeutende Kultureinrichtungen”.

The project goes by the lengthy name “Experimental archaeology in Europe, best-practice examples for the sustainable mediation of archaeological information to a young public”. However, the concept is simple. The museum will call on its international contacts, many of the 300 members of EXARC, and will ask if these people are willing to come in 2018 with their team to the Lake Constance, near the Alps, to explain their work to the museum public. This will be an excellent opportunity to bring experimental archaeology from different corners of Europe to Germany, a country with already a large number of active professionals in this field.

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