Call for new EU Cooperation projects on Culture

The call for proposals for European Cooperation Projects is published. It deals with three categories – small-scale cooperation projects, large-scale cooperation projects and projects related to the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage.

The EU objectives are:
# Access to and circulation of cultural and creative works in the Union and beyond with a particular focus on children, young people, people with disabilities and underrepresented groups
# Contribute to innovation and creativity in the field of culture

Within these objectives are the following priorities:
# Transnational mobility of artists and professionals (more cooperation and career options)
# Strengthen audience development
# Foster capacity building through innovative approaches
# Enhance intercultural dialogue, promote shared EU values and mutual understanding and respect for other cultures, thereby contributing to the social integration of migrants and refugees.

A small-scale project would have for example five partners and a total budget of 330,000 EUR. The own invest is 133,000 EUR or roughly 26,660 EUR per partner over a period of maximum 4 years = 6,665 EUR per partner per year.
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