EAA Session on Experimental Archaeology

The European Association of Archaeologists (EAA) hosts its next annual conference in Barcelona, 5-8 September: EXARC hosts session on experimental archaeology.

"What we are learning from experimental archaeology?"

Experimental archaeology is both a research and teaching tool, applied at universities, open-air museums and in schools. A hands-on immersive comparison with the past is created. But archaeology is more than a simple answer to “who were the people who lived here in the past”.
This session discusses the way experimental archaeology taught us ways we can learn insights from the archaeological past relevant for the present, in German: Gegenwartsrelevanz. Can we make concrete as tough as the Romans did? Were Bronze Age houses in a way “smarter” then current sustainable building techniques? Are Stone Age techniques of food preservation the new hit because it is healthier?
We look for case studies as well as a thorough discussion about the use of experimental archaeology beyond the simple reinvention of techniques.