Kierikki Open-Air Museum (FI) threatened

The city of Oulu (FI) received a proposition to close down the main building of Kierikki Stone Age Centre, which houses the only archaeological exhibition concentrating on Stone Age in Finland. At the same time, the sale of the main building of the Northern Ostrobothnia museum was also proposed. Both of these sales will effectively mean the end of these museums: a huge loss for Finland and at international level.
It is the opinion of EXARC, that Kierikki is a valuable museum and an internationally well-respected member of our family of archaeological open-air museums and experimental archaeologists. The museum has proven to contribute successfully, both locally, nationally and at European level, to cultural heritage promotion and research, leading to a good reputation for the region and more tourists. We believe this museum should not be slowly choked to its end, but should rather be supported for the long and successful future which lies ahead.

EXARC contacted the politicians at local and national level to make them aware of the value of Kierikki. A fast gain of only 125,000 EUR will lead to a much larger loss in the end.

Our full letter is attached in PDF.

Anybody willing to support the struggle of the Kierikki Stone Age Centre can do thesame or sign the petition:

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