One month in Colonial Williamsburg

Nikola Krstović won the award we advertised earlier this year and is now spending one month in Colonial Williamsburg. Read more in his blog “lost and found in translation”:

Blog 1: "Colonial Williamsburg is huge… You’ll need a quite decent period of time (almost historical) to deal with its size. Of course, I do not speak only about its physical measurements. What I have in mind is mental space, the content…"

Blog 2: Fifty Shades of Honesty. How to make the best cocktail out of history, reality and sugar?

Blog 3: the ways of seeing: the power of power.


History in Motion: Colonial Williamsburg

| Nikola Krstović (RS) | Issue 2018/2

Boundaries are always an interesting topic. In the framework of the current heritage buzz word decolonization, boundaries might also represent what is “colonised” in every cultural enterprise, or to be more specific, how and why some form of power obtruded its authority, and to what extent. Like almost all other museums, Colonial Williamsburg deals with the past... Read more