EAC10 Leiden

With 120 participants from 24 countries, we had a great time at the 10th international Conference on Experimental Archaeology #EAC10. This was the first time this conference was on the continent, in Leiden, the Netherlands, to be precise. We witnessed almost 60 presentations in two days and learned about Viking ships, Egyptian metallurgy, pottery, iron, bronze and stone to mention just a few. On our excursion day we visited two very different archaeological open-air museums, leaving enough room for discussion. Experimental archaeology is not “playing survival for archaeologists”. Using experimental archaeology we can teach the crowd essential survival in modern society, like experience based learning and problem solving abilities: we all will stand for problems and fail, the question is how do you learn from failure? That is experimentation and that is real life.


2017 Experimental Archaeology Conference (EAC10)

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Co-organised by: Material Culture Studies, Leiden University (NL)

The International Experimental Archaeology Conference encourages the exchange and sharing of new work in experimental archaeology... Read more


Conference Review: Fields of Dreams - the EAC10 Conference, Leiden 2017

| Rena Maguire (UK) | Issue 2017/2

In recent years, experimental archaeology has increased in popularity among academics and students alike due, in no small part, to pioneering universities such as Exeter, University College of London, Leiden and University College of Dublin. The examination and analysis of the past through reconstruction of lifestyle, chaîne opératoire of ... Read more