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Material Culture Studies, Leiden University (NL)

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Leiden University (founded in 1575) is one of Europe's leading international research-intensive universities. This prominent position gives our graduates an advantage when applying for positions both within and outside the academic world.

The section Material Culture Studies at Leiden University focuses on the reconstruction of object biographies: from determining the provenience of the raw materials selected, to the methods of production, to the use and treatment of the object to, finally, its deposition and, in some cases, “second lives”. In studying these trajectories we use experimentation, microscopy, and various analytical methods such as XRF, XRD and micro CT scans.

Research is directed at artefacts made of all kinds of organic and inorganic materials, including ceramics, flint, bone, metal and shell. The section has two laboratories, one more focused on Ceramic Technology, and one equipped for microwear and residue studies. Both labs have large reference collections available for consultation.  It also has an experimental outdoor center, Huize Horsterwold where experiments with house and boat construction, cooking, tar production and taphonomical processes are conducted
(https://www.facebook.com/SteentijdhuisHosterwold  and http://experiment-horsterwold.nl).

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