EXARC Journal 2017-2 online

The 2017-2 issue of the EXARC Journal is published now, with 11 articles divided over four sections.

Six articles are Mixed Matters, five are Peer-Reviewed. The articles come from a wide variety of countries and cover themes including an Event in the Czech Republic, Prehistoric Beekeeping, the Colour Palette of Antique Bronzes, Stable British Archaeological Open-Air Museums and Making a Mongol Era Bow. And of course book & conference reviews.

It is available at

From May 15th EXARC Journal 2015-2 is Open Access!

The list below shows the Peer-Reviewed Contents of Issue 2017-2:

Archaeological Open-Air Museum

Build It and They Will Come: Managing archaeological open-air museums in Britain for Stability
Lydia Hendry (UK)

Prehistoric Beekeeping in Central Europe - A themed guided tour at Zeiteninsel, Germany
Sonja Guber (DE)

“Days of Living Archaeology” at the Prehistoric Archaeopark Všestary, Czech Republic
Radomír Tichý (CZ)

Experimental Archaeology

The Colour Palette of Antique Bronzes: An Experimental Archaeology Project
Jonathan Devogelaere (FR)

Ancient Technology

The Modern Reproduction of a Mongol Era Bow based on historical facts and ancient technology research
Jason Wayne Beever (USA) and Zoran Pavlović (RS)